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This is an attempt to share some of the information I have gathered in trying to map out my family tree.  I have started with my father’s side, the Donalds from Gamrie and King Edward in Aberdeenshire, and will later add my mother’s side, the Harrisons from Birmingham.

Most of the information has come from a trawl of birth, marriage and death certificates, and this can be browsed here.  I will put additional information in posts to the Blog section.  If you can fill in any gaps or point out any errors, please feel free to leave a comment here or on the Blog.

The photograph in the header was probably taken sometime around 1910 (I am hoping this will become clearer as I identify the people in the picture).  The bearded man sitting centre-right is my great grandfather Stewart Donald (1834-1924).  The woman with the bonnet sitting centre-left is my great grandmother Susan Donald (Hay) (1838-1921).  Directly behind Stewart is my grandfather Garden Donald (1877-1954).  Directly behind Susan is my grandmother Agnes Donald (Johnston) (1884-1972).  Garden and Agnes were married in 1906.  The others in the picture probably include Morrisons, Donaldsons of Dundee and Smiths of Aberdeen.

Gordon Donald (August 2012)

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  1. Jane says:

    Looking foward to heping you complete the Harrison side of family.

  2. Marylene Goulet says:

    Thank you for the research you have done, it has permitted me to complete some information on Mary Donald (daughter of Stewart Donald and Susan Hay) and James Smith. Is she in the picture header above?
    Furthermore, by way of research, I have a found a small article in the Aberdeen Journal, 10th January 1912 about Stewart and Susan’s golden wedding anniversary if you are interested.
    Happy hunting!

  3. Elizabeth & Shaun Duffy says:

    I was delighted to find the long-lost Donald family tree online, and am very grateful for all the research you have done on this! Until a few months ago, we didn’t even know of the Donald link, as some secrecy was involved in my grandmother’s parentage. It would’ve made her very happy to find out the full truth. Best wishes from Ellon.

  4. Susan Campbell says:

    I was interested to see this Gordon. I remember your Grandmother, as she stayed with Edwards mother in Earlsdon before her death. There was also a Susan Morrison who lived in the cottage at east walker hill and who I believe was a cousin?

  5. Jacquie Tosh says:

    Hi, Elizabeth and Shaun Duffy, I’m one of the descendants of the photo above. My grandmother, Mary Smith (nee Donald) is the eldest daughter, sitting on the right of the photo and my father, Garden (named for his uncle Garden) is the young lad standing on the far left.
    I’m very interested in who your grandmother is and where she fits in. My email is and I’d love to hear from you

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